Danial Talks about the Challenges of Athletes in Asia

Danial Bawany

Danial Talks about the Challenges of Athletes in Asia

WATCH Danial Bawany as He Talks about the Challenges of Athletes in Asia.

At 22 years old, Danial is very passionate about the sport and wise beyond his years. He used to be a competitive powerlifter and strongman athlete before got into the sport of bodybuilding. Danial officially competes in the Physique category.

Bodybuilding & Fitness in Southeast Asia struggles to be competitive globally due to many misconceptions. We are putting things in place to squash these misconceptions and bring the sport back to its glory days.

CHANGE is coming….


Jason Chee

Jason Talks About His Tattoo After His Bike Accident

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WATCH Jason Chee (Physique competitor) as he talks about his tattoo after his bike accident to remind him that life is too short not to be grateful for all his blessings.

He also confesses that his strong social media followers inspire him to do better in this sport. His favourite body parts about himself are his shoulders and abs (that seems to be his strengths) but thinks that his back needs a lot of improvement.

Ahan Raj

Ahnan Raj reflects the deeper side of the sport

WATCH Ahnan Raj as he reflects the deeper side of the sport whilst eating his chicken breast on Orchard Road in Singapore.

Ahnan is a personal trainer by profession and competes multiple times in a year. He will be competing in the Physique category for the upcoming Arnold Classic Europe in Spain as well as the Show of Strength 2017 to be held in Singapore in October.