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Show of Strength returns for the second year running

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The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) will be running the largest multi-strength sport event for the second year running.

Strength sports are on the rise globally and Singapore too, has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people getting involved in not only strength training for health and fitness purposes, but also competitively.

show of strength 2018Alex Michael Betts, President of Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Photo: Derrick See/ SFBF

The SFBF, headed by Alex Michael Betts, aims to not only focus on the sport of bodybuilding, but also include a much wider variety of sporting events to witness and enjoy.

On 27 October, the SFBF will be hosting the Show of Strength which will incorporate four different strength sport championships amongst other activities and entertainment that will make this a day not to be missed. The sports included will be bodybuilding and fitness, strongman, arm-wrestling and crossfit, as well as a pole dancing display.

This event is like a miniature version of the famous Arnold Classic Sports Festival and has become a regular fixture in the local sporting calendar.

“We decided to go ahead and try running a mini Arnold Classic after the Arnold Classic Asia was abruptly cancelled back in 2017. We wanted to provide the athletes with an alternative option after all their months and years of preparation. I was also preparing for this event last year (the Arnold Classic) but of course could not take part in the event that I would then go on to organise,” said Alex Michael Betts, SFBF President.

show of strength 2018The Show of Strength officials and athletes (from left: Roy Chua, Ahmad Taufiq, Sara May Garcia, Alex Michael Betts, Samuel Lim & Daniel Lino). Photo: Photo: Derrick See/ SFBF

The Show of Strength 2018 will see participation from about 300 athletes with a wide range of background and age groups from as young as a 17 year-old to the mid 50s. The championships will welcome the biggest, fittest, strongest and most conditioned athletes from all over Asia and beyond.

All athletes of the Show of Strength will be treated as VIP guests and will enjoy free flow of drinks and food at the Show of Strength After Party happening at the world’s highest alfresco bar, 1-Altitude, on 27 October, from 7.30pm till late. All show attendees will be given free entry and drink to celebrate and network with Asia’s fitness celebrities and fraternities.

“Our goal is to bring together and promote the fitness community in Singapore and beyond to learn from one another and create long lasting bonds and relationships,” said Nur Fauzi, SFBF Vice President.

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

International Sports Academy in collaboration with Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF)

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

The International Sports Academy (ISA), in collaboration with Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF), is delighted to announce the launch of a industry-leading course specially designed for all bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals titled – ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification.  This course seeks to provide all bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals with the requisite knowledge needed to succeed in the sport, and to provide upgrading and career development options for all bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals around the world

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

Pioneered by the team from ISA and SFBF, the ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification is a brand-new certification course with the much needed foundational knowledge and skills in the area of muscle hypertrophy and the bodybuilding sport so that they can become a better bodybuilding athlete.  Further, this course will also introduce anti-doping guidelines and regulations, so that all athletes are aware of the anti-doping rules and regulations pertaining to the sport. More importantly, this course would also provide much needed practical knowledge such as posing routine, and exercises for maximising hypertrophy so as to increase athlete’s performance.   Finally, this certification course will also provide the platform for all bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals to up-skill themselves, and work towards being a bodybuilding coach.

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

We are excited to be working with the team from SFBF, led by Alex.  Alex and his team are dynamic individuals who are all deeply passionate about the sport of bodybuilding.”  Explains ISA’s CEO Mark Chay.  “Many people are not aware of the intricacies involved in the sport of bodybuilding, and how they can maximise their training efforts through the power of sports and exercise science.  We hope to contribute to the development of this industry by contributing our deep expertise in the area of sports and exercise science, and to help all athletes become better.


Mr. Alex Betts, President SFBF, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with the ISA to be able to further grow the sport of bodybuilding and fitness in Singapore and also to provide an opportinity for existing and potential athletes and enthusiasts to take part in a structured educational program. We are confident that this will be a long lasting partnership and that we can do great things together for the love of the sport.”

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

ISA is Singapore’s premiere sports private education institution with partnerships with the United States Sports Academy, Australian Sports Academy, American Council on Exercise, and National Strength and Conditioning Association, amongst many others.  Established in 2003, ISA’s mission is to prepare the next generation of sports leaders, for the industry of tomorrow.  To that end, it has a series of academic courses, professional certification courses, and other continuing education programmes.  The quality of its programmes has recently been recognised by the Committee for Private Education, Singapore, when it was awarded with the Edutrust award.   It is also Edith Cowan University’s only education partner in Singapore.

ISA-SFBF Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Certification

The SFBF (Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), founded in 2010, is the official IFBB sanctioned (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) organization in Singapore.  The SFBF is making its mark permanent in Singapore by running regular national and international events in Singapore which started with the inaugural Show of Strength in 2017.  The aim of these events is to raise the standards of the sport and ensure fair judging and opportunities for all athletes to qualify for major international competitions sanctioned by the IFBB.


For more information about the course, email or Call +65 6423-0668