1. The IFBB forbids its members from engaging in any racial, political or religious discussion, demonstration or act that may result, whether directly or indirectly, in the fostering of bias or prejudice between any of its Members.
  2. The IFBB does not distinguish or discriminate between individuals or countries for reasons of race, color, religion or politics. Athletes must accept the decisions of the judges, officials and administrators in the spirit of good sportsmanship without descending to selfish recriminations, realising that these decisions have been made honestly, fairly, and objectively. Our judges’ decisions are final and are always made in good faith. If you are in any doubt, please contact us at
  3. Any athlete or official who threatens (or badmouths) a judge or official by word or gesture (verbally or in written form), or who uses offensive words to any other athlete or official and who refuses to withdraw same, may be fined, suspended or expelled.
  4. Any athlete who competes in local or international Events NOT approved and/or sanctioned by the IFBB, shall be subject to: a fine and/or a suspension  from competing in any future local or international events approved and/or sanctioned by the IFBB. If you have any questions on approved Events by the IFBB, please contact us at
  5. Any athlete or official who is suspended may not compete, give an exhibition or seminar, judge or otherwise officiate, organize events, or act in an administrative capacity, whether in his or her own country, or in any other country, for the IFBB or any IFBB-recognized National Federation.
  6. The issuance of false certificates (cards) shall be deemed a serious offence punishable by fine, suspension, or expulsion.
  7. Any athlete or official who engages in activity of a pornographic nature, or whose conduct is deemed prejudicial to the IFBB, may be fined, suspended, or expelled.
  8. Disciplinary action may be taken against any athlete or official who contravenes the IFBB Code of Ethics, attached as Appendix 1 (Code of Ethics), which shall form an integral part of the Constitution and Rules.
  9. Disciplinary action may be taken against any Member for prejudicial conduct, where such conduct is defined as being demonstrably harmful to the IFBB and/or to the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, whether through gross malfeasance or egregious moral behavior.
  10. The sole authority to interpret the Constitution and Rules shall rest with the President whose interpretation shall be final and binding. The President may, at his own discretion, seek the advice of other Members of the Executive Council or Congress before arriving at a final decision.