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Meet Nor Haszlan 37-Year Old Men’s Physique Athlete from Singapore

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Meet Nor Haszlan, 37-Year Old Men’s Physique Athlete from Singapore. Haszlan bagged home a Silver Medal in Men’s Physique Tall Division at the Show of Strength 2017.

Official Results of the IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018

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The IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018 saw more than 80 Athletes who came from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, China, Italy, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Iran and Russia.

Athletes from Singapore were competing in the National Championships for the coveted Mr. and Miss Singapore 2018 titles plus the overall winners from each championship category will earn their IFBB Elite Pro Cards.


The number of local and international athletes taking part in this competition is indeed very encouraging for the sport in Singapore. We hope that this seeding number will help increase interest in the sport and over time more locals will take part in future competition both locally and internationally. The SFBF is here to help all athletes to improve their skills and to impart knowledge and expertise in this sport especially to Singaporeans Stated Mr. Alex Betts, President of SFBF.

All the foreign athletes were fighting for top spots in the International Championships. Singaporean Athletes were able to join both the national and international championships, whereas the foreign athletes were only allowed to take part in the international championships.

Competitors of all ages and levels of experience were taking part with the addition of categories such as Newcomers, Juniors  and  Masters.

Today’s performances were extremely electrifying and the atmosphere was so energetic. This competition will help expose local athletes to the international arena and let then experience what higher level competition is like. With this pool of experienced athletes we hope to be able to bring back more medals for Singapore¡± said Ms. Excell Chua, Gerneal Secretary of SFBF.

For the athletes that won their Elite Pro Cards, a new chapter in their competitive Bodybuilding and Fitness careers has opened, allowing them to compete as professionals with attractive cash prizes and to be able to compete with the very best in the world.

I am extremely happy to have won the Mr. Singapore Men’s Bodybuilding title and earning my IFBB Elite Pro Card. The hard work and all the time spent on preparing myself physically and psychologically has paid off. I am proud to go on representing Singapore in the Internationals. Said Mr. Sam Enaya.

This sport has indeed made me more aware of the body and our limitless boundaries. I am happy to have won the Ms Singapore and look forward to the international championships where I can represent Singapore. It has always been my dream to stand on the world stage and hopefully win a title for my country stated Ms. Nadiah AJ, Overall Winner for Women’s Bikini Fitness, who also earned her IFBB Elite Pro Card.

From left Ms. Singapore 2018 Nadiah AJ, SFBF VP Zee, Bodyfitness Overall Winner Alex Peak-Watkinson, SFBF President Alex Betts, Mr. Singapore 2018 Men’s Physique Muhammad Abdillah Shah and Mr. Singapore 2018 Men’s Bodybuilding Sam Enaya – Photo Credit: SFBF/Shaun Ho

The SFBFs next event is the Show of Strength in October at Marina Bay Sands. The date will be finalised in the next few weeks. This is a multi-strength sports event which includes bodybuilding and fitness, strongman, powerlifting, arm wrestling and much more. There will also be some new, exciting categories included in the bodybuilding and fitness championships which will no doubt attract even more athletes to compete!

The SFBF will be running the National Championships every year moving forwards and look forward to seeing more and more participation from local athletes as the sport continues to flourish.

4 Overall Winners have been awarded IFBB Elite Pro Cards:

Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Winner (National Championship and International Championship) – Sam Enaya from Singapore

Sam Enaya is the Overall Winner of Men’s Bodybuilding (National and International Championship) for the IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018 – Photo Credit: SFBF/Shaun Ho

Men’s Physique Overall Winner (National Championship and International Championship) – Muhammad Abdillah Shah from Singapore

Women’s Bikini Fitness Overall Winner (National Championship and International Championship) ¨C Nadiah AJ from Singapore

Nadiah AJ is the Overall Winner of Women’s Bikini Fitness (National and International Championship) for the IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018 – Photo Credit: SFBF/Shaun Ho

Women’s Bodyfitness Overall Winner (International Championship) ¨C Alex Peak-Watkinson from Australia

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