Inspired Singapore Team bag 4 medals at the Prestigious Arnold Classic Asia

Ziela Eriksen

Inspired Singapore Team bag 4 medals at the Prestigious Arnold Classic Asia

Four Singaporean athletes bag medals in the bodybuilding division of the prestigious Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival.

On the weekend of the 19-21 August, 2016 eight Singaporean athletes made their way to Hong Kong to represent their country through the Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF), which is the only federation in Singapore recognised by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

In a pool of over 200 athletes and some tough competition from over 30 countries, the team from Singapore managed to secure four medals across three different categories at the First Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival held in Hong Kong.

In addition to these placings another 3 competitors made the finals in their respective categories, which is narrowed down to the top 6 athletes.

Ziela Eriksen, Joan Liew and Shontel Chow
From Left – Ziela Eriksen, Joan Liew and Shontel Chow.

These comprised of one gold medal in the Women’s Physique Category won by veteran competitor Joan Liew, one Silver medal in the Men’s Junior Bodybuilding won by Benjamin Broughton, ¬†another silver medal in the Women’s Masters Bikini Fitness category won by Shontel Chow and a Bronze medal in the same category by Ziela Eriksen.

The Fitness and Bodybuilding scene in Singapore has been through a rough period over recent years and desperately needed some morale and confidence rebuilding for the athletes and for the sport.

“What the Singapore team did over this last weekend was exactly that. The whole team pulled together and created a great team spirit, united and supporting one another like a family”, said Mr. Alex Michael Betts, President of SFBF.

“This is how sport should be and it was heart warming to witness this. To do this and to bring home four medals from a prestigious international event is quite a feat!”, continued Mr. Betts.

This was not just a competition to which Singapore sent a group of athletes, but something of a re-birth for the sport and a huge step forwards in the healing process for all Singaporean competitors who have been disheartened over the years by politics and many inconsistencies with federations shutting down and changing names and essentially putting the wellbeing of the Athletes second.