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Giselle Lim

Gisele Lim – Fit Teacher, Lovely Mum and Figure Athlete

Meet Gisele Lim – the epitome of a modern Asian woman’s true external and internal beauty.

Turning 40 years old next year, Gisele is a proud mum of her 11 year-old daughter. She’s a also a full time teacher of children with special needs.

During her exclusive video interview with SFBF, she humbly talked about her main drivers and conscious decisions in getting into the healthy lifestyle.

Gisele also talks about how she got into strength training and how she hopes to inspire and encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to give it a try!

Amateur Olympia

International Events

The IFBB is the world’s largest and most prestigious Bodybuilding and Fitness networks. It organizes more than 200 events in 191 countries¬†offering athletes the opportunity to be the very best they can be by competing against the very best in the world.

Some of the top and prestigious IFBB annual events in the world:

Arnold Classic Asia
Arnold Classic Europe
Olympia Amateur Asia
Olympia Amateur India
Olympia Amateur San Marino
IFBB Diamond Cup Persian Gulf
IFBB Diamond Cup Poland
IFBB Evls Open
Ben Weider Legacy Cup Aruba
Ben Weider Legacy Cup and Nordic Fitness Expo
Kuwait Classic

Click here for more information on IFBB international events.

Joan Liew

Joan Liew’s Reaction to achieving her IFBB Pro Card

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We have interviewed Joan Liew moment after the recent announcement that she’s been awarded her IFBB Pro Card. Here’s what she’s got to say.

How do you feel about achieving your IFBB Pro Card?

Joan Liew: It has been 24 years of hard work, and I am truly happy that I have finally achieved my dream. I am very thankful to all who have come a long way with me all these years. I am grateful to SFBF and Alex Betts for the support. I started competing in 2000 for the Asian Championship – I was very determined to win so I trained for 7 years before I stepped onstage for my very first competition in which I went straight for Asia level and won my first gold medal.

What’s next for you ?

Joan Liew: Being an IFBB Pro is a new beginning for me. It’s another journey with a new playing field, as I will now compete with the world’s best athletes: the IFBB Pros. I would also like to continue to promote the sport with SFBF/IFBB and guide aspiring athletes in their journey towards their IFBB Pro Card dream.

Career wise, I will continue to run my gym and ISSN sports nutrition programmes in the region as well as focus on developing the skills of personal trainers in Singapore.

Why did you choose IFBB as the federation to compete in?

Joan Liew: I have always been competing with the IFBB throughout my competitive life (since year 2000). It is the only Federation that has the world’s best of the best athletes and that gives me a direction to progress in the sport.

Joan Liew’s IFBB Competition Track Record

IFBB Competition Track Record

Total No. of Competitions: 15

Total No. of Medals: 15

Arnold Classic Asia (HONG KONG)
2016 – 1st Place

Arnold Classic Amateur (USA)
2013 – 2nd place
2014 – 1st Place
2015 – 3rd Place
2016 – 4th Place

HKFBF International Bodybuilding and Fitness Invitation (HONG KONG):
2013 – 2nd place

NPC Tournament of Champions Women Bodybuilding (USA):
2010 – 2nd place
2011 – 1st place

GOLD Medals: 4 Asian Championship in 2000 / 2002 / 2006 / 2009 (ASIA)

TOP 10 placing for:
World Games 2001 (Japan)
Women World Championship 2007 (Spain)
NPC LA Championship Women Physique 2012 (USA)