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Meet Roy Chua – 20-Year Old Men’s Physique

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Meet Roy Chua – 20-Year Old Men’s Physique and a Republic Polytechnic student in Singapore. Roy is competing at the upcoming Show of Strength 2018 and he’s very determined to improve his placing and win his category! Come and support athletes like Roy Chua.

Soccer Player Turned Bodybuilder!

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Meet Indra Santosa – Soccer Player turned Bodybuilder – thanks to the influence of his grandfather.. Indra will be competing at the Show of Strength 2018!

Daniel & His Wifey will Competing in the Mixed Pair Category of the Show of Strength 2018

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Meet Daniel Lino from Panama. He’s waited for one long year to compete at the Show of Strength 2018. Daniel and his lovely wifey will be showcasing their impressive physiques in the Mixed Pair category.